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We teach beginning through advanced sewing.   Classes are held in North Atlanta, Kennesaw and Smyrna locations.  Sunday afternoon classes are scheduled.  Contact for updates and additional classes.  Private lessons are available.  Home school classes and kids sewing camp  are in the planning stages.  . Additional classes in men's shirts, sewing with knits, designing from your fitted blockfine dresssmaking and trench coat are being prepared.  

Pattern Making

Moulage to Master Pattern
Personal Fitting class requires intermediate to advanced sewing skills
TBA 2 PM to 4:30 PM

This is an strong intermediate to advanced class designed for students to learn to fit and make personal master patterns to use in sewing for themselves.  Prerequisite are Basics of Sewing and Garment Making classes or approval by instructor.This is a personal fitting and pattern making program. Students will achieve a CUSTOM fitted block for themselves and tools to understand how that was achieved. They will then use the bust dart block developed in the class to make the shoulder seam and armscye princess patterns.From the fitted bust dart block students will make a top or blouse and learn how to make facings, add button plackets and collars. A copy of this custom fitted pattern will be used to develop the shoulder seam and armscye princess patterns. With these patterns students will make a top or jacket. Instruction includes how to add ease and make adjustments for a jacket as well as discussions about silhouette and proportions. A pattern analysis process will be explained a well as how to add details from commercial patterns to the custom pattern. The lab portion of the class will include making three garments, one jacket and two tops.This class requires intermediate to advanced sewing skills. Please contact instructor at for questions or more information. The muslin of the block is sewn from Connie Crawford's 1201 bust dart blouse block. It can be ordered from

Students must be proficient in garment sewing, sewing terminology, applying zippers, making darts, setting sleeves, facings and interfacings.

Sewing 101 Part 1 & 2

Private lessons are currently offered. Ten lessons are covered in 2  hours each week of instruction and lab.  Students work at their own pace.   Classes are available in packages of 4 two hour lessons.   The first session is $295 which includes a class samples kit.

The class includes instruction and lab work on accurate measuring and cutting, how to plan your sewing projects, seams and seam treatments including french seams and how to choose the appropriate seam treatment for your project and fabric, closures, zippers, buttons and buttonholes, how to apply facings and interfacing, darts, bias bindings and piping, waistbands, fitting a skirt, lining and hemming. 

In the class you will make a throw pillow with a zipper and learn how to turn corners, make a tote bag and learn how to plan, make and apply pockets, add lining and handles with interfacing, make a scarf using jersey or chiffon and how to handle those fabrics.  You will take your measurements, apply those to the skirt pattern and make a lined skirt with a zipper, darts and hand sewn blind hem. 

This program is designed to give you the skills to sew beginner to advanced beginner projects.  Although there are class projects each project is specifically designed to systematically build your skills and proficiency.

The objective is to provide the skills and knowledge to complete your own sewing projects. 

Contact for for class times available. 

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Garment Construction

This class includes Pattern Theory: How to select and use patterns for successful garment sewing. Why to draw in seam lines on your pattern pieces. Reviewing patterns for technical quality. How and why to check patterns for general ease, balance, sleeve ease, side seams, and walk in the sleeves. How to add or subtract ease as desired. Reading and interpreting pattern instructions. Tips on how to choose the right fabric for your project. Choosing the lining or interlining and interfacing. Learn about drape and hand as well as weight and weft and warp. Learn how these interact with your garment. Learn how to identify the suggested fabrics. Discussion of sources of fabrics; local retail and online retailers. In this class students will learn about cutting and grainlines, staystitching and understitching as well as planning seam allowances and seam treatments in making a top or blouse and an unlined jacket with hong kong seams.This class is appropriate for a beginner that is proficient on the sewing machine and is familiar with sewing and pattern terminology. More advanced students will learn advanced sewing techniques as well. Contact instructor at for questions and more information. 

Private Lessons


Private Lessons

Private lessons are available in groups of 4 two hour lessons.  Basic Sewing, garment making and lined jacket are $295.  Private lessons in fitting and pattern making are $360. 

Classic Skirt

Students will prepare a custom straight skirt pattern drafted to their measurements. The skirt draft is then stitched in muslin to tweak the fit. From the final draft the student constructs a straight skirt or a styled skirt using the custom draft. Students will learn to make style changes from this draft, then plan the skirt construction details: seam allowance and seam treatments, interfacing, lining, fashion fabric and notions needed. The skirt will be cut and sewn using such quality dressmaking techniques of interlining, lining, tailor tacks to mark darts and hand sewn blind hems that are appropriate for their projects.This class is appropriate for advanced beginner students as well as more advanced students. Students should be proficient with machines and basic garment construction techniques and terminology.Contact instructor at for questions and more information.

Lined Jacket

Students will make a lined jacket with collar, lapel and set in sleeves. Class discussions will include selection of fabrics and construction techniques. Choice of appropriate interfacing, interlinings, linings, closure treatments such as bound buttonholes, welt pockets and sleeve vents will also be discussed. Some hand stitching will be included. Project planning procedures will be used to determine which techniques to employ. In the lab students will construct a muslin for final fitting and cut and sew the jacket.This class requires intermediate to advanced sewing skills. Contact instructor at for pattern selection and any additional information.

Little Black Dress

In this class students will fit and make a classic lined dress. A muslin will be sewn to check the fit and make any needed adjustments. From this the dress will be sewn. Project planning procedures will be used to determine fabric selection, appropriate lining, interlining and interfacings as well as construction techniques. Lab work will include cutting and sewing the garment.This class requires intermediate to advanced sewing skills. Contact instructor at for pattern selection and any additional information. 



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Workshops available:

  • Update and Upscale Your Sewing Skills
  • Pattern Theory and Pattern Analysis
  • Oh! No! Not Another Muslin or  How to Use Your Fitted Sloper
  • Finding and Using Appropriate Interfacing for Your Projects
  • Design Using Your Fitted Master Patterns.

We love to sew.  Our goal is to provide the information and skills for your sewing to be successful.